Equlity Valuations

Estimating the value of an entity is never a straightforward process. Conducting valuations is getting more and more complex with dynamic changes in the regulatory and business environment.
Valuing an entity requires high level of expertise, because of the direct link between the results of such valuation, and the price a buyer or seller may agree upon. Moreover, our valuation reports are used by the parties transacting or regulatory authorities such as IRS, SEC, RBI, and their auditors for accounting and reporting purposes.
Most of these valuations are based on forecasts and specific assumptions about possible developments in the future. The valuation of an entity depends on two key factors: estimates of futuristic performance, and riskiness and reliability of such future estimates.

KayOne's Valuation Services

Equity Valuation for M&A
Business or Equity valuation may be required at the time of a purchase, sale, merger, acquisition, demerger, or amalgamation. Valuation could also be required for a JV partner or to advice a minority shareholder.

409A Valuation

Planning to issue equity to your employees? The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that you get an independent business valuation done. This gives you a “safe harbor”, meaning that the onus on proving the valuation is wrong, is on the IRS and not on you.
Compliance is quite often considered to be a headache for several CEOs, and Board Members. Not only does non-compliance results in heavy fines and penalties, affecting the bottom line, some violations could also bring the business to a complete stand-still. Our valuation reports comply with all the relevant rules and regulations.

Financial Reporting

Our valuation reports have been used for financial reporting purposes, such as allocation of purchase price during a business combination, impairment testing of goodwill, valuation of stock options and derivatives, and other valuations required by the IFRS.
Intellectual Property
Intangible assets include brands, tradename, copyrights, intellectual property, customer lists and so on. Valuation of these intangibles and intellectual property is often required for transaction and/or funding purposes.

Investor Valuation

Valuations are often required by private companies and/or venture capital entities for the purpose of reporting to investors.


Wide Expertise

Our consultants have worked with the big-four audit firms and have issues several valuation reports, spreading across industries.

Audit Defensible

Our reports are “audit defensible” and have passed audits of the IRS and other statutory authorities.


We ensure that we have complete independence, while issuing our audit reports. This ensures that our reports stand the test of time.