Virtual CFO

In today’s complex business environment, making informed and accurate financial decisions is extremely crucial, in order to sustain robust growth. Many organizations do not hire a full-time CFO, simply because they can’t afford it. KayOne’s CFO services let you expedite growth, and sustain value at a fraction of the a traditional CFO’s cost.
KayOne’s consulting model beyond the simple book-keeping and reporting solutions, and deliver precise and comprehensive strategic insights for bottom-line growth and financial sustainability.
Our team of experts have worked in Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia, and bring a combination of experience, backed up by research and industry insights.

KayOne's Virtual-CFO​ Services

Budgeting & Forecasting
Budgeting and forecasting involves building an ongoing budget linked to the organization’s chart of accounts. Putting in place a proper review mechanism ensures that the budgetary control works effectively. Moreover, these variances need to be periodically reviewed and budgets need to be updated to suit to the dynamic business environment.

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management and planning are extremely critical for organizations of all sizes. The cash flow management mechanism should ideally be linked to the organization’s budgeting and forecasting model. Cash flow management becomes crucial when there is a lock-up of working capital, or when the organization’s performance is declining.
Compliance is quite often considered to be a headache for several CEOs, and Board Members. Not only does non-compliance results in heavy fines and penalties, affecting the bottom line, some violations could also bring the business to a complete stand-still. Our Virtual CFO services completely takes care of your compliance so that it would be “business as usual” for you.

Investor Liaison

Got investors on Board? No worries. We handle the complete pre-investment and post-investment liaison, investor reporting and transaction support. Our multi-disciplinary team has worked with investors throughout the globe, and knows exactly what investors look for.
Management Reporting
Management reporting involves periodic reporting to the Top Management on financial and non-financial matters. Based on discussions with the Management, we setup Key Result Areas (KRAs), and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each major function. The reporting mechanism can be weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly, depending on the requirements.

Strategic Advisory

Looking for strategic support on business structuring, group structuring, operations and growth? Worry not – we have that covered. Our team of experts have worked will provide the right strategic inputs for your business growth.


Return on Investment (ROI)

Our clients have reported cost-savings of up to 40% due to process efficiencies and system improvements.

Implementable Solutions

Our solutions are “practical and implementable” and not straight from the textbook.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our team is tech-savvy, and we are certified in most of the top accounting software.